AHORP established 2005, Registered UK Charity No 1113551

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Major Progress To Date

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To date the following repair and restoration work has been achieved under the leadership of the AHORP Team and fully supported by Lancaster City Council.

Ashton Hall Organ Restoration Project
Reg. Charity 1113551

Facts & Main Achievements to Date
The Organ has a total of 2,358 Pipes (wood, lead & zinc from 18 feet to X'')
The organ has four keyboards plus a set of 32 pedal keys.
There are 43 Speaking Stops, 14 Couplers, 2 Tremulants & 1 High Pressure Ventil
It was the first pipe organ in the UK to be 'blown' with an electric motor.
The casework is Gillow (pre Waring & Gillow) and has been valued as 'priceless'
The organ has recently (2011) been valued at £1 Million Pounds.
AHORP Progress & Significant to Dates.
2003 Robert Munns (international Organist) launches the Restoration Project
2004 Jan. Weekly Organ Concerts & other events start in aid of the Restoration
2004 May A compilation CD of the Organ is recorded by local Organists.
2005 Mar Paul Hale (Southwell Minster) appointed Organ Consultant for AHORP
AHORP apply for and receive Charitable Status. Reg. Charity No. 1113551.
Principal Pipe Organ of York appointed as Organ Builders.
2006 Consultative Committee meets at Southwell Minster
2006 May First Lancaster Organ Festival
July-Sept. Great Organ pipes & soundboards removed and restored.
Oct Great Organ pipes & soundboards with modern action re-instated A DVD of the work is recorded. also a DVD ROM
Nov Organ re-opened at a Gala Concert by John Scott-Whitley of York Minster.
2009 LCC have the Ashton Hall rewired including new Organ Blower Switch Gear
2010 Gillow Casework restored - Facade Pipes restored.
Nov. 2 High Pressure Percussion Bellows rupture and are re-leathered.
2011 April Pedal Trombone 16' temp repairs - operates after non-use for 20 years.
Oct Three damaged Tower Pipes - repaired and re-painted
13 June Malcolm Archer plays the premiere performance of The Lancaster Suite for Organ at an evening concert in the Ashton Hall.
Dec LCC -Humidifier & Refurbishment of the Electric Motor. (Cost circa £2,500)
Nov. 2 sets of split Choir Division bellows (Leatherwork) repaired.
2012 Jan. PPO (York) work on the Great Division removing all the firework, re- cleaning it and the sound/rack boards following the ingress of dust from the newly repaired main external roof to the Town Hall.

Est. Expenditure to date: £125,000 Est. Balance: £225,000
Thank you for your support